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What is Functional Health? Mar 13, 2024

By: Nick Sienkiewicz, DPT, CSCS

What is Functional Health & What Determines "Normal"?

We’ve arrived at a weird time in the history of mankind. Our modern medical system creates a perspective where health is simply defined as the absence of disease and illness. Individuals strive for...

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Food Allergies Dec 05, 2023

By: Hayden Gray, DPT

How Food Allergies Shaped My Eating Habits

The first thing people say to me when I tell them I have food allergies is “That sucks. So, you’ve never had peanut butter or a Reese’s?!” to which I kindly respond with “Nope!”. However, most of...

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Self Monitoring Health & Fitness Levels Oct 12, 2023

By: Hayden Gray, DPT

The Benefits of Tracking Your Health & Fitness Levels

There are so many accessible, and wearable pieces of technology in today’s health market. This is a great thing but can also be overwhelming if you don’t know what certain terms mean or why it might be...

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How to Work Part Time, Pass your NPTE, and Enjoy your Social Life Aug 17, 2023

By: Hayden Gray, DPT

The Real Life of a Working Student

If you’re a current student of Physical Therapy, I hope you take some time to read this. Or, if you’re someone who feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to balance out your daily life, I hope you read this too.


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From DPT Student, to Doctor of Physical Therapy, to... May 25, 2023

By: Hayden Gray, DPT

Your Job Title is NOT a Roadblock

It’s been a long road, at least it feels that way so far. Three years of physical therapy school to earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy following four years of undergraduate studies. But, what’s next? First, I need to pass the...

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Functional Health PT Apr 06, 2023

By: Nick Sienkiewicz, DPT, CSCS

Physical Therapist Turned Functional Health Mentor

Most of you already know me, but allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Nick. I am a physical therapist, strength coach, and probably the face of ProForm at this point. Let’s face it, Chad may own the...

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Don't Be Normal...Be Optimal! Nov 18, 2022

By: Chad Burnham, DPT, FAFS, CSCS

Optimizing Your Health Through Lab Work

I think Tommy Boy said it best…
”I can get a hell of a look at a T-Bone steak by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.”

You know it's going to...

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Just Stop Being So Stressed! Sep 22, 2022

By: Karyssa Shaw 

I am a Big Ole Stress Ball!

Everyone is stressed. Some people are stressed all the time, others only occasionally. But everyone has gone through the overwhelming feelings of stress at some point in their life. 

Stress is one of those things where you almost get more...

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Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot Sep 02, 2022

By: Katie Burnham, DPT

Is There a Benefit to Regular Sauna Use?

Our bodies are excretion machines! Yup, they really do a great job at eliminating waste. Urination, defecation, breathing and SWEAT are all examples of the body’s way to eliminate waste. Who doesn’t love a...

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Your Favorite Physical Therapist Hurt Himself! Aug 19, 2022

By: Nick Sienkiewicz, DPT, CSCS

PT's Can Get Injured Too

I know what you’re thinking… No way! Nick is a physical specimen, probably the most elite and stunning athlete I’ve ever laid eyes on… There’s no way he could get hurt!!! All joking aside, many of our...

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Don't Shoot the Messenger Jul 21, 2022

By: Nick Sienkiewicz, PT, DPT, CSCS

We Need to Think Deeper About Our Health

We spend too much time blaming the messenger in our modern medical system. Many of our treatment strategies for the conditions that plague the human body are targeted at the wrong things. Let’s go through a few...

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The Modern Mismatch Jun 17, 2022

By: Nick Sienkiewicz, DPT, CSCS

A Footwear Mismatch

If you have ever been to ProForm, you know we have a foot fetish (well it may just be me, but we all certainly care about our footwear!). Much of the reason we are so passionate about helping people transition into more natural footwear is...

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