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"Look How Cool My Scar Is!" Dec 17, 2021

By: Katie Burnham, DPT

Ever wonder what a scar actually is… Why some people scar more than others? 

Scarring is the body’s natural response to damage of the tissues. It is the process of repairing and is the final result of a wound’s healing. Apart from being...

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What Is Gluten? Oct 28, 2021

By: Tayler Provost

What is Gluten? How can having it and eliminating both be beneficial?

There is little evidence that a gluten-free diet is actually considered healthier. Yes, there are ways to be healthier by having gluten-free foods, but that is based off the options you are choosing; the...

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Get Icy? Aug 13, 2021

By: Chad Burnham, DPT, FAFS, CSCS

To Ice Or Not To Ice

For the longest time we have all been told to ice our injuries, aches, and pains. You all know the famous acronym RICE (Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation). I first made this mistake early on in my career as we did not know any better. It was...

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