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Ep. 66 : Become The CEO of Your Body & Life with Karen Fernandez

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In this Episode Chad and Nick meet up In The RACK with local health coach, Karen Fernandez. Karen is a health coach that owns Root Cause Wellness and specializes in working with busy professionals. 

Karen was a busy professional herself in the corporate world until she realized that her health was becoming victim to her work lifestyle. Karen is no longer in the corporate world. She now uses a holistic approach to diet and lifestyle changes to transform the well-being of busy professionals. 

We have a great discussion about Karen's approach as well as practical strategies to help busy people manage the complexities of their schedules. In addition to strategies we talk about certain lifestyle and diet changes that can help improve the health and wellness of these busy people. 

If you are a busy professional, business owner, or even a parent that needs help navigating their crazy and stressful schedules then you need to give this episode a listen. 

For more information about Karen Fernandez and Root Cause Wellness, visit her instagram at rootcausewellnessllc or her website !

Karen also offers a free guide to help you navigate your grocery shopping. Click here to learn more. Also stay tuned as we will be hosting an upcoming workshop with Karen!!

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