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Ep. 65 : Changing The View of Chiropractic with Dr. Riley Fake

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In this Episode Chad and Nick meet up In The RACK with local chiropractor, Dr. Riley Fake. Dr. Fake works at a facility known as In8 Wellness Center in North Andover, MA and also attended school with Nick at Springfield College. 

Dr. Fake talks about how the sport of basketball introduced her to the field of chiropractic. She also discusses her journey to through her career, which has now led her to niche down to pediatric and pregnancy-based chiropractic care. 

We have a great discussion about In8 Wellness Center as they are also an out-of network facility that encompasses a whole health approach to treating their patients. And...Of course we take a deep dive into other factors that can influence a patient's respond to physical therapy and chiropractic care. Some of these factors involve recovery techniques, nutrition, self-care, as well as blood/hormone testing.

There are a lot of pearls in this podcast episode with a special emphasis on advocating for your health and wellness. Use this information as an educational tool as well as a sense of awareness to what the various opportunities can be when working with the right physical therapist and chiropractor!

For more information about Dr. Riley Fake and In8 Wellness Center, visit her instagram at dr.riley_fake or her clinic's website !

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