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Ep. 64 : Your Choice Your Fitness With Derek Morgan

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In this Episode Chad and Nick along with Karyssa meet up with Derek Morgan. Derek is the general manager of the gym behind our facility called Choice Fitness. If you are local then you may be familiar with other gyms that is has been in the past. Previous to Choice Fitness, it was known as Boston Sports Club (BSC), Latitudes, and even before that it started as a Gold’s Gym. 

We have known Derek over the last 2 years since Choice Fitness has moved in and we are very grateful for all of the changes that they have made. The way that BSC left it was unacceptable and still leaves a sour taste in people’s mouths. Choice Fitness has not only created a better community environment over there, but they have also been making a lot of changes to best benefit their members. 

Dr. Chad has been a member of all of the gyms it has been and we will say that this gym is probably in the best condition that it has been in years. Not to mention that they have adapted to the times of today and offer strength and conditioning types of training as well as boxing classes. We are impressed with their progress over the last 2 years and continue to look forward its evolution. 

For more information about Choice Fitness, visit their website or check out their Instagram. If you do decide to stop by then make sure to tell them that you heard about them from our podcast episode and receive a FREE week pass to their club.

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