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Ep 59: Breathwork and Cold Exposure with Survivors Season 44 Danny Massa & Frannie Marin

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This podcast episode is a special one and followed our most recent breathwork and cold exposure workshop that we had at our facility ProForm Physical Therapy. In this episode Dr. Nick and Karyssa  conduct an exclusive interview with Danny Massa and Frannie Marin from Survivor season 44. Danny and Frannie ran this workshop for us and we not only had an amazing time, but we had over 30 people in attendance.

Breathwork and cold exposure is all the rage right now, but until you actually have someone coaching you through it then it can be hard for some to understand and feel the benefits of the breathwork and how to appropriately apply it in a physically and mentally challenging environment. 

Danny and Frannie make an unbelievable team compliment each other well. Danny brings the energy and has a great way of explaining how to execute the techniques of proper breathwork and its application to real life scenarios. Frannie has an amazing background in research and is able to break down the reasoning as to how this breathwork is working on a physiological level.

In addition to diving into breathwork and cold exposure we learn a little more about Danny and Frannie on a personal level as well as some of their experiences on Survivor. We also talk about the the vision that both Danny and Frannie have in store following their season 44 journey. It is not only very inspiring, but it is going to help so many people in the process. Danny and Frannie are both genuine individuals that we all have had the pleasure to meet and hang with. We look forward to the Season 2 of Breathwork and Cold Exposure with Danny and Frannie!

To learn more about Danny Massa you can check out his instagram at breatheinwithdanny. You can also learn more about Danny’s business, Breathe In With Danny at his website, or you can check out his YouTube Channel.

If you want to learn more about Frannie Marin and see what she has been up to then check out her instagram at hailthevail.

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