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Ep 58 : Magnify PT with Dr. Marissa St. Germain

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In this Episode Chad and Nick meet up with another fellow physical therapist by the name of Dr. Marissa St. German from Magnify Physical Therapy here today in the RACK. Marissa has two locations with Magnify, one in Dover, NH and the other is in Portsmouth, NH. 

Dr. Marissa is a like minded physical therapist and has a very similar model to ours…So we were super excited about this one. Marissa is big in the CrossFit world and is also a CrossFit Coach. In addition to being an amazing CrossFit coach, Dr. Marissa is also a board certified neurologic clinical specialist and has been a great referral source for our post-concussion and vertigo patients.

We dive into Dr. Marissa's journey into and throughout physical therapy as well as talk about her clinic Magnify Physical Therapy. If you listen long enough then you will hear her views on the medical model, the field of physical therapy and what she believes in the vision for the future of PT.

For more information about Dr. Marissa St. Germain and her clinic Magnify Physical Therapy, visit her instagram at magnifyphysicaltherapy or her website !

You can also contact Dr. Marissa directly at her clinic at (802)-278-4142 ...So if you think that you maybe a good fit, then reach out to her today.

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