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Ep 57 : Clinical Nutrition with Sarah Karaman, MSACN

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Today Dr. Chad and Dr. Nick would like to introduce Sarah Karaman to the podcast. Sarah has her masters degree in clinical nutrition and offers nutrition and lifestyle consulting services. She is local too…right in Barrington, NH. Sarah specializes in nutrient deficiencies, gut dysbiosis, hormonal imbalances, and much more. This episode is a good listen if you like getting in the weeds lol!

In this episode we learn about how Sarah first became interested in nutrition and what drove her to where she is today. We talk about Sarah's 4 main pillars of health and talk about some of the misconceptions surrounding nutrition.


Make sure you listen throughout this episode as we talk about Sarah's most commonly recommended supplements as well as which supplements and medications might be a little over-utilized in the fitness and medical community.


 If you have been considering another approach to nutrition or maybe you are looking to find a nutritionist that will fit well with you then this episode will be worth the listen!


For more information about Sarah Karaman visit her instagram sarahk_nutrition or her website !


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