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Ep 56 : Holistic Dentistry with Dr. Michael Mayr, DMD, MA, AIAOMT

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Today Dr. Chad and Dr. Nick would like to introduce Dr. Michael Mayr, DMD, MA, AIAOMT to the podcast. Dr. Mayr is a dentist and is part of a holistic dental practice in Boston called Harmony. Biologic dentistry is very interesting and Dr. Nick has taken on this journey on over the last year or so.This subspecialty of dentistry goes beyond just dentistry itself. Reducing the amount of toxicity in the body, especially mercury is a focus for sure as well as minimizing fluoride usage and exposure. 


Dr. Mayr and the Harmony team follow the  International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) amalgam removal protocols and promote overall health and wellness by:

  • Implementing mercury-free and mercury-safe protocols and procedures

  • Creating an environment that promotes minimal fluoride usage

  • Educating proper nutrition to prevent and reverse dental disease

  • Eliminating toxins from dental materials and processes 


We dive a little into the profession of dentistry and how it has been evolving over the years as well as Harmony's recent shift away from the insurance-based model. Apparently, insurance is just as bad with dentistry as it is with physical therapy.


If you have been considering a holistic approach to dentistry or want to learn more about it then this episode will be worth the listen!


For more information about Dr. Michael Mayr and Harmony Boston visit their instagram @harmonyboston or website !


You can also check out Dr. Mayr's instagram @drmayr if you want to learn more about the Bio Dentist himself!


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