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Ep 54 : The Natural Pharmacist With John Moro PharmD, RPH

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Today Dr. Chad and Dr. Nick would like to introduce John Moro to the podcast. John Moro is a pharmacist and Vice President of a company known as The Herbal Path. The Herbal Path is a natural pharmacy that is located in both Dover, NH and Portsmouth, NH. This is a natural pharmacy was founded in 1997 that specializes in natural remedies and alternatives to prescription drugs.


John has been with The Herbal Path for the last 2 years after spending most of his time in retail pharmacy. He brings another view of pharmacy and describes his experience at The Herbal Path as being a mindset shift meaning that with holistic health and wellness the goal is to find the root cause vs. treating symptoms in the conventional model of pharmacy.


We dive deep into natural remedies for common pain and inflammatory conditions as well as talk about the characteristics of a plant including its phytochemistry that would be the most suitable for the person. John considers natural pharmacists and herbalists as being matchmakers between plant and person.


If you have been considering mushroom in your health journey then this episode will be worth the listen. John has a great passion for medicinal mushrooms. If this is also something that you want to know more about then we are most definitely going to have a part 2 as well as have John in for a workshop in the near future.


For more information about John Moro PharmD, RPH and The Herbal Path visit their instagram @herbalpathportsmouth or website !

You can also call their store at (603)-740-8400 or John's email at: [email protected].


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