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Ep. 53 : What The Health with Justin Farnsworth

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Dr. Chad and Dr. Nick are excited about this episode as we have another great guest speaker with us. Today we are talking with a physical therapist by the name of Justin Farnsworth. Justin was in town with us last week when we recorded this podcast as we hosted the PPSC certification course. PPSC stands for Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification and Justin was our instructor. 

In this episode of In The Rack Podcast we dive into the many issues within the medical and PT professions. It is courses like the PPSC that make good PTs great as well as give them the tools to be prepare their patients and clients for LIFE!!

We as PTs tend to under-load our patients. This is not emphasized in our graduate schooling and is up to us as the providers to become educated on how we can best help our patients and clients.

Not every physical therapist can be good trainer...Even though some may say otherwise. But if PTs can have a better understanding of strength and conditioning principles as well as how to apply them, then this can make for an unbelievable practitioner. 

We also talk about our vision for the future of physical therapy and what we need to do as a profession to make that vision a reality.


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