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Ep 47 : Optimizing Men's Health With Ali Gilbert (UNFILTERED)

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*** What you are about to hear in today’s episode of in the rack podcast contains explicit language and straight real talk between Ali and Chad and may not be suitable for all the listeners. You have been warned. Now let’s get into the RACK with The Ali Gilbert! ***


In This Episode of In The RACK Podcast, Chad sits down with his guest and coach Ali Gilbert live at the Perform Better Summit in Providence, RI. Ali is a Strength & Conditioning Coach that specializes in men's health and hormone optimization. She is also the proclaimed "Queen of Men's Health"!


Chad spends an hour "bro-out" session with Ali talking about the testosterone epidemic going on today as well as talk about how the medical system is failing to help these men feel "optimal". Chad also talks about his journey with the healthcare system and how it failed him as well as how Ali has helped him along his journey.


We talk in depth about the stigma that "fit" people have to deal with on a daily basis as well as hit up some nice food hacks that can help you to fight off some of those sweet tooth cravings. 


Ali Gilbert Contact Info:

Ali Instagram: @thealigilbert

Ali Gilbert Website


If you want to learn more about testosterone for yourself then, Ali has an online Testosterone School that will be made available to you. Just tell her you heard about it from here as enrollment is currently closed. 

And...If you want the ultimate man experience then check out her upcoming event called the Silverback Summit October 27-29 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. You may even see me there!!



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