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Ep : 40 Move Well...Live Well With Dr. Sarah McCartney

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In this Episode Chad and Nick meet up with a local chiropractor by the name of Dr. Sarah McCartney.

Dr. Sarah is the owner and chiropractor at Clipper Family Chiropractic in Newburyport, MA and has been continuing to grow her busy practice over the last 5 years. Not only does Clipper Family Chiropractic offer chiropractic services, but they also offer additional wellness services including personal training and reiki.

In this episode we learn about Dr. Sarah's Journey into becoming an amazing chiropractor as well as how she got to where she is today. We talk about the future of healthcare as well as what the future holds for Clipper Family Chiropractic. Make sure to listen to the end as Dr. Sarah drops some knowledge bombs that you could implement today!


For more information about Dr. Sarah McCartney visit her instagram at clipperfamilychiro or her website !

She is also available by email at [email protected] ...So if you think that you maybe a good fit for Dr. Sarah, then reach out to her today. 

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