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Ep 39 : Elevate "Your Floor" With Megan Hughes

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In this Episode Chad and Nick have an amazing conversation with another guest by the name of Dr. Megan Hughes.

Megan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Reiki practitioner that is taking a holistic approach to treating pelvic floor dysfunction and core instability. She has been a PT for 16 years and is a mother of 2 amazing children. 

Megan has just opened up her new spot, Elevate Pelvic Health & Wellness and is starting to take new patients in May!!

In this episode we learn about what got Megan into pelvic health physical therapy as well as her long journey to where she is today. We talk about the benefits of her model and how she can best help her patients. Wouldn't be an episode of In The RACK Podcast if we didn't bash insurance lol!!

Megan also talks about her experience as a Reiki practitioner and how she implements this with her patients today. This is a great episode so make sure that you give it a good listen. 


For more information about Dr. Megan Hughes visit her instagram at elevate_pelvic_health or her website !

She is also available by email at [email protected] and can be found at Newburyport Acupuncture

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