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Ep 36 : Getting In The Zone With Dr. Kerry Goyette

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In this Episode Chad and Nick talk shop with the Dr. Kerry Goyette from Health Zone Chiropractic in Amesbury, MA. She has been a chiropractor for the last 25 years and she has seen a lot of change in the profession during that time.

Dr. Goyette discusses more about her practice as well as a unique technique that she utilizes to diagnose and treat her patients. Dr. Goyette is a certified zone practitioner and practices a technique known as Zone Technique.

Dr. Chad had the pleasure of feeling that technique last year and it was amazing. We talk about which zone Dr. Chad was unbalanced in and how Dr. Goyette would go about treating it.

We dive into the 6 systems/zones of the body and how they all regulate the whole body.

A lot of great information in this episode of In The RACK Podcast. 

For more information about Dr. Kerry Goyette visit her instagram at drkerrygoyette or her website !

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