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Ep 32: Your Food Story With Erin Murray

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In this Episode Chad and Nick have a great discussion with another amazing guest speaker, Erin Murray. 

Erin is a nutrition expert and has a passion for science and whole foods. She focuses on transforming biochemistry into delicious food, actionable steps, and sustainable lifestyles for her clients.

She holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition and a Didactic Program in Dietetics. She is a research assistant at the Harvard School of Public Health and operates her private practice, Erin Murray Wellness online and in-person out of Wellesley, MA.


Erin talks about your food story and how this can determine your food behavior, especially with all of the modern day diets surrounding food.


A lot of hidden 💎 in this episode…so make sure to give it a listen.

Erin is a wealth of knowledge and talks about the research surrounding some of the foods that you are eating as well as talks about our evolutionary journey to where we are today with food.


"Our parents have become who they are from the communities they are from." 

 Just sit on that and digest it for a second. Your diet now may very well may be effected by what you ate as a kid. 

Why are you eating what you eat? Is it just because it is easily available? Do you ask yourself why did I eat that after you have already finished your meal? Why do I salivate when I smell the aroma of freshly cooked, grass fed beef? These are all the questions that Erin answers during this amazing podcast episode. 

For more information about Erin Murray. visit her personal instagram at erinsuncommoneats or her website !

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