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Ep 34: Renegade Movement & Performance

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In this Episode Chad and Nick have a great discussion with the crew from Renegade Movement and Performance in the RACK. Renegade is located in Bedford, NH and is owned and operated by Dr. Alexis and and Kyle Brunelle. They both love working with active adults just like us and also are very much in the pelvic health field of physical therapy.

We not only drop some serious knowledge bombs in this one, but we can promise you there is a bunch of real talk. Sorry…Not Sorry.

We talk about the current state of PT and the overall healthcare system as well as the PT model that we all have adopted that goes against the grain of traditional PT.

If pelvic health is an area of interest for you then make sure to listen to the end as we ask Dr. Kyle all about it. 

If you are sick of the same old PT talk, then this episode is for you. Warning...This episode does contain some explicit talk, but it's all facts. Enjoy!!

For more information about Renegade Movement & Performance visit their instagram at renegademvmt or their website !

If you want to contact them via email...Yes! they have an email...and it is: [email protected] 

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