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What Is Cupping Therapy?

 Cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic method that may be used to help reduce pain and inflammation while increasing blood flow and relaxation. Cupping therapy techniques have been used for over 3,000 years and can accelerate the healing process. The physical therapist will place a cup on the target area, creating suction through a mechanical pump. The local pressure increases blood flow within the vessels and capillaries, allowing the tissues to receive nutrients to begin healing. Cupping therapy is generally a very safe practice with small side effects that may include bruising or slight soreness near the targeted sites.

 What Are The Benefits?

 Cupping therapy can provide relief for many health conditions. This technique has been known to improve blood circulation, thus accelerating the healing process and reducing pain and muscle soreness.The benefits of cupping vary from local pain relief and relaxation to evidence of improved blood pressure and reduced anxiety and depression. For additional information regarding cupping therapy please contact us.