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What Is Body Tempering?

 Body Tempering is a form of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) with the use of steel cylinders of varying weights (5lbs – 300lbs) and diameters…think of it as foam rolling on steroids ‼️

As another form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, body tempering is a great way to improve mobility by increasing blood flow, reducing soft tissue restrictions/adhesions, relieving myofascial trigger points, as well as creating adaptations to load tolerance in the surrounding tissues.

This is a a great tool that we utilize at ProForm PT and can be an asset to mobility training, especially when combined with our strength and functional training programs.

 History Of Body Tempering

 Body Tempering was started by coincidence possibly as late as 2006 by Donnie Thompson. Donnie Thompson is a renowned powerlifter and was the first human to ever total 3000 lbs. in a powerlifting competition back in 2011. Donnie also holds 8-all time World Records in Professional Powerlifting. In 2014

In 2014 Donnie Thompson developed what we now know as the method of Body Tempering. Body Tempering has since evolved and has now begun to peak world-wide interest. It is utilized by NFL Super Bowl Champions, NCAA Football Champions, NCAA basketball champions, world record setting powerlifters, and National CrossFit games qualifiers.

ProForm PT had the privilege of training under Donnie Thompson back in 2019 and will assure you that all of our staff is certified (BT-C) and trained in safe, effective, and evidence-based practice of Body Tempering. For more information regarding Body Tempering please contact us.