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Why Sitting On The Floor is Beneficial

Sep 24, 2021

By: Tayler Provost

 Don't feel bad if someone chooses to sit on the ground!

Are you lacking mobility, flexibility and possibly core stability? Have you ever thought of sitting on the floor? There are many benefits of sitting on the floor, such as increased flexibility, improved joint mobility, enhanced muscle activity, less hip tension, and natural body stability.

By sitting on the floor for even just fifteen minutes of your day, you can increase core control, and actively stretch your lower body. Sitting in different positions, such as a hip 90/90, will help increase hip joint mobility and lessen tension in the hip muscles.

Think about what you do for a job. Are you sitting at a desk for most of your day, then getting in your car to drive? That adds up to a lot of sitting which probably results in lack of movement and postural variability, potentially even leading to some back pain. Try taking a few minutes each day to sit on the ground and move in different positions. Some simple examples are doing a hip 90/90 stretch or sit criss-cross apple sauce. Sitting on the ground while eating dinner or watching an episode of your favorite show is a perfect opportunity to get yourself on the ground.

Sitting in a chair or on a couch has become such a normal thing to do, we need this daily reminder to change up our routine from this “norm.” Yes, sitting on the ground may be uncomfortable, but maybe that will get you to get up and down from the ground more often, and by doing this you are going to thank yourself later in life. As the saying goes, get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Life gets busy, time passes too quickly and we often have the tendency to rush around. Taking time in your day to focus on what your body needs is critical for one’s health. Getting up and down from the ground is overlooked. Even the strongest, most “fit” person may struggle with this small task. Flexibility, mobility, and simple body weight movements are so important. The human body strives for diversity of activity. Give your body what it needs and wants, and you will thank yourself later in life.

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