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Take Control Of Your Pleasure

Dec 31, 2021
Take control of your pleasure.

By: Katie Burnham, DPT

Welcome to Pleasure City

Are you satisfied with your current level of sexual pleasure? Think it could be better?…It probably can! Unless you are one of a small percentage of people that have an optimally functioning pelvic floor and a healthy mind-body connection with it, chances are good that your are missing out. Regardless if you are male or female, if you have a pelvic floor this article pertains to you!

 Quick Facts About The Penis:

- The pelvic floor muscles compress the veins that take blood away from the penis. Good blood flow = erection. If blood flow leaves prematurely say goodbye to a fully erect penis.

- Weak pelvic floor muscles can manifest as difficulty getting and maintaining a rigid erection.

- Premature ejaculation has been linked to poor pelvic floor muscle contraction and control.

Quick Facts About The Vagina:

- A hypertonic pelvic floor may manifest as pain with intercourse or penetration.

- A tight pelvic floor does not always equate to heightened sexual pleasure.

- Better flexibility means better blood flow…better blood flow = greater pleasure.

There are several functions of the pelvic floor muscles, but this discussion will highlight its role in sexual pleasure. Orgasm involves the muscles of the pelvic floor in a rhythmic state of contract and relax. The healthier the muscles, the higher the likelihood of having a pleasurable experience. For example, both male and female anatomy include components that contribute to ejaculation, orgasm and erection. The tissues involved contribute to blood flow and muscle contractions. Without adequate blood flow an erection may be difficult. In the absence of a strong muscle contraction, orgasm and ejaculation is affected and may be weak. Let’s discuss these functions a bit more!

So what’s a healthy pelvic floor? The muscles within the pelvis must shorten when contracted, lengthen when relaxed and be stretchable and flexible. When they don’t correctly contract, relax and coordinate with movement pleasure may be impacted. Firmer muscle tone of the pelvic floor muscles adds intensity to the muscle contractions during orgasm. So we could say that the stronger the pelvic floor the better the orgasm. However, before you start practicing your Kegels <<insert eye roll here>> it is important to know the status of your muscles down there. They may be hypertonic (tight). We would not do strengthening exercises to a muscle in a state of spasm. First, we need to relax that muscle, work out the tightness and allow it to be flexible. How do you know what you are working with? Common signs of hypertonic pelvic floor are urinary frequency and urgency, painful penetration, pelvic pain or pain with urination. 

Let’s sum it up! Orgasm is important for maintaining healthy muscle tone within the pelvic floor. This can contribute to urinary continence and who doesn’t want that? An orgasm is a rhythmic contraction and relaxation of pelvic floor muscles. The stronger the contraction and more flexible the tissues, the better the pleasure. Being able to orgasm and the pleasure you get from an orgasm is directly connected to the integrity of the muscles of the pelvic floor. So, if you have trouble orgasming regularly or cannot reach climax at all you may benefit from an assessment of your pelvic floor to learn what you got going on in there!

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