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Hips Don't Lie!

Jan 28, 2022

By: Tayler Provost

Take it from Shakira!

Hips are a very common spot to lack mobility. Though hip joints are meant to be more stable and less mobile than a shoulder joint, the importance of hip mobility is crucial for a healthy body. Improving hip mobility can improve athletic performance as well has prevent injury. Having good hip mobility gives you the ability to move in different planes and directions, as it challenges the body to move and play with active flexibility and balance.

Trying drills such as, sitting in a “90/90” or “shin box” position, practicing skandasana from side to side, working your way into a pigeon pose, and sitting in a wide, deep squat “malasana”, are great ways to get your body moving in these directions. There is an abundance of benefits to working on your hip health. For example, skandasana stretches the hip adductors, builds core strength, increases flexibility and improves balance. 90/90 or “shin box”, works internal and external rotation of the hip simultaneously, as well as targeting many muscles that can cause low back pain and hip impingement.

Focusing a little bit more on the hips each day is going to benefit anyone from young athletes, to a 60-year old man/woman. Having a tight muscle or group of muscles can really impede full range of motion. 

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