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From DPT Student, to Doctor of Physical Therapy, to...

May 25, 2023
Hayden Gray, DPT, Salisbury MA

By: Hayden Gray, DPT

Your Job Title is NOT a Roadblock

It’s been a long road, at least it feels that way so far. Three years of physical therapy school to earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy following four years of undergraduate studies. But, what’s next? First, I need to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam this July to officially become a licensed Physical Therapist. Will that change much for me moving forward? No, not really, I just won’t have to bother Chad and Nick as much by using their laptops and having them finalize all my documentation.

So, after I become a licensed physical therapist where do I go? In my opinion, the opportunities are endless in this stage. I could become a certified pulmonary, geriatric, neurologic, sports, pediatric, cardiovascular, oncologic, or orthopedic specialist. I could also seek other clinical education opportunities provided by numerous platforms to further my knowledge of a specific body part, technique, or modality. Aside from the continued educational growth, I could learn how to successfully manage, and run a physical therapy practice.

With that being said, there are a few avenues I definitely want to take. I want to be a really great physical therapist by continuing my education in topics I feel passionate about and that I feel will provide benefit to future and current patients. I also see myself learning how to grow and operate a physical therapy practice of my own (at some point). I’m super happy to be here at ProForm and am looking forward to growing as an individual and clinician here. So far, I’ve already been on a podcast, networked with individuals in other professions, met some amazing clients, wrote a (this) blog post, and been volunteered to do a CPET by Chad and Nick. I couldn’t ask for a better start and I’m looking forward to being involved in all of it.

Lastly, the unfinished title is for a reason. Like I said, I know the next step in my career is receiving my official license but that doesn’t mean the journey ends. Don’t let your official title be a road block, allow it to help you grow

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